About Auditing

Auditing is an important and essential part of the training process whether it is the auditing of the trainers providing the courses, the team managing the training journey or revisiting the trainees after the training to establish the level of learning and the ongoing requirements.
Due to my experience in the industry I can offer a robust auditing service which uses the guidance of regulatory and accrediting bodies to ensure that not only are the appropriate frameworks being followed but also the feedback to auditees it constructive and developmental.

Working with employers of trainers, whether they are responsible for training customers or in-house employees, to audit quality and accurateness of delivery as well as reviewing the venues used for training to ensure high standards of training are maintained at all times.

When using independent trainers and training providers for the delivery of training to your customers or employees it is important that you know the quality of training is suitable and as an employee or training provider you should always be able to demonstrate you have conducted due diligence. Engaging an external auditor is an ideal way maintain the required standards and that you are regularly reviewing the quality of training you are offering

Reviewing trainer paperwork is an ideal way to manage the quality and compliance of training being delivered on behalf of your organisation. With my tried and tested desktop auditing procedures, you can maintain a high level of control from your head office and will be able to identify any issues or warning signs very easily and quickly.

As an employer, you have a responsibility to ensure the training has been effective and is being implemented in the work environment. As an independent auditor with an in-depth knowledge of the training can review work practices to help employers maintain the standards required amongst their workforce.

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