About the training centre development

Working with Training Centres to generate development and growth that will enable them to realise their full potential within the training industry.

I am an experienced and knowledgeable Training manager with many years’ experience in establishing and growing training businesses. My ability to manage the creation and implementation of process’ and procedures within a commercial training business has previously resulted in taking loss making divisions in to profit and achieving multi million pound revenues.

I am ideally placed to work alongside new or established training businesses to identify opportunities for improvements which will result in increased efficiency, compliance, customer satisfaction and delivery standards, amongst other things, which will in turn lead to increased revenues and profits.

Full review

  • Procedures
  • Training locations
  • Structure
  • Employees
  • Sales engagement
  • Intercompany partnerships
  • Supply chain
  • Compliance management
  • Customers
  • Systems
  • Courses
  • Review all current procedures and implement any new procedures required.
  • Identify any trends in current customer and colleague complaints and improve performance where required.
  • Introduce structure to facilitate the work required to deliver revenue via a 3rd party delivery model
  • Training management system
  • CRM system
  • Compliance management systems
  • Establish suitability for courses
  • Identify possible development opportunities
  • Introduce known and trusted consultants and 3rd parties to the Training supply chain.
  • All training and customer contact would be managed via the Training team but delivered by an approved 3rd
  • A full compliance management structure would be implemented to ensure all trainers delivering on company’s behalf are competent and qualified to do so.

(management of this can be done externally by MMCT or in-house)

  • Partnerships established with internal company divisions to maximise revenues for all divisions wherever possible
  • Establish partnerships with providers offering open courses that can be sold directly on to i.e. first aid providers, site safety plus etc.
  • Introduce and conduct audit process
  • Identify target accounts for training growth
  • Increase confidence by producing results
  • Create relations between sales team and Training account manager
  • Attend customer meetings to provide technical support
  • Create bespoke offerings as per customer needs
  • Introduce incentive schemes
  • E-Learning partnership with established e-provider
  • Company branded page on dual branded platform
  • Bespoke e-learning courses
  • Course content
  • Course aesthetics
  • Delivery flow
  • Delegate engagement
  • Learning retention
  • Course offering
  • Venues
  • Course delivery
  • Sales structure
  • Account management
  • Course accreditations
  • Trainer accreditations
  • Centre accreditations
  • Networking awards
  • Recognition awards
  • Independent auditing of internal trainers and venues
  • Auditing 3rd party trainers and venues
  • Desktop auditing 3rd party suppliers
  • Desktop auditing trainer paperwork

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